Monday, October 11, 2010

Studio: Christie

Pretty much every Friday this semester, I'm going to be in the studio shooting portraits. Last Friday was no exception. I assisted Jenn for three or four hours doing a variety of portraits with three models.

I didn't shoot much of her first two models, both active basketball players for NAU.

I did shoot the last model of the day though - Christie.

The top image is easily my favorite. 

School rules require the model to have some clothing on - so she's wearing a bikini that we conveniently covered up with fabric. Curious - because the fine arts program (over in a different building, with different management) actually hires students to model au natural for their figure drawing classes. 
What's the difference between drawing and photographing naked people? It's all in the name of art.

Lighting setup was quite simple. Two medium octabanks on two Profoto D1 monolights. The lights are basically right on top of her. So close that it was difficult to get a camera in. I shot with my fixed 28mm f/2.8. Not a lens I do much portraiture with - but I really enjoyed it.

I've taken to doing behind the scenes video while other people are shooting. Here's a quick vid of Jenn and Christie

That's it for today!