Sunday, March 24, 2013

New blog: CM400 Adventure

I've recently purchased my first motorcycle. Along with it, I am writing about my experiences as I learn to ride, make repairs on the bike, etc. You can follow that adventure at the CM400 Adventure Blog.

Here are a few frames I did this morning on the P7000 for a post over there.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Grand Falls 2013

This morning I adventured with Preston and Kristen out to Grand Falls, AZ (also known as Chocolate Falls, a name I despise) and took some sunrise pictures.

(my first trip to this area was in 2011. My most recent was on assignment for the Land Rover series).

4:44am wakeup
5:02am coffee
5:16 depart flagstaff after fueling up.

We arrived just in time to choose our locations as the sun rose above a low bed of clouds.

My first location wasn't great:

So I repositioned and was able to get one frame I am very happy with:

Killing time, waiting for the light to move where I needed it. Shot a couple silhouettes of our fellow morning adventurers.

Preston Trauscht, of Trauscht Media, getting the perfect angle.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Honor the Fallen

Got caught on camera today, holding the American flag in downtown Flagstaff.

"Framed by an American flag, a Marine salutes the hearse carrying Staff Sgt. Jonathan Davis back to the Navajo Nation this morning. In the background, Flagstaff residents can be seen lining Route 66 in front of city hall. Daily Sun reader Alicia Hendricks shared this image."