Friday, March 4, 2011

thevisualCollective teaser trip --> Grand Falls

Holy cow! Today was super fantastic.

Taylor, Andrew, Katie (a newcomer to the group) and I headed out around 0800 this morning to Grand Falls where we had an epic time shooting, playing and definitely getting wet.

Here are a few videos I made - take into consideration that video is *definitely* not my thing, and that Andrew will have a third teaser/trailer up in the next couple days that will be of infinitely higher quality.



I also managed to get a couple still images:

These first images were my concept for the day. If I got nothing else, I wanted to get this first shot below. I'm very happy with how it came out.

Generally at Grand Falls, sightseers are limited to being on the side facing the falls. After nearly an hour of hiking around and getting decidedly wet, we forged a path across the chilly water and scoped out a few locations directly underneath the falls. A seriously awesome opportunity, as the water is usually much deeper than it was today. Katie was our gung-hu model for the day... She has a thing for umbrellas.

I shot a few non-people images as well so I could show off the beauty of the location. I'll admit - not my strong suit in photography...

 Of course, with my new car-centric direction in photography, I had to photograph Andrew's Honda Element, which performed admirably on the dirt roads and in the sand.

I very much enjoy photographing Taylor Mahoney - who has some of the most epic photographer faces and poses ever...

Taylor with his Nikon DSLR, Canon 35mm SLR, and Light Meter...

I also have a thing for shoes. I dunno why. Taylor, Andrew and I were all stuck in our wet boots after the crossing at Grand Falls. Katie was the only one smart enough to bring a spare pair.

As usual, today got all of us even more excited for the four-day adventure that will kick off at 7am, Friday March 11th. Stay tuned to the official website: for more updates and the third trailer!

PS. We still have one seat open. We estimate it will run about $150 per person which includes fuel, food, camping, and a half-day boat trip on the Colorado river. Comment or drop me an email if you're interested!