Sunday, March 6, 2011


The last couple weeks I have been on a vintage kick of sorts. My vision (and as such post-processing technique) has moved away from the crystal clear, high contrast saturated imagery and more towards a vintage feel.

I knew as soon as Carlton (the puppy) popped into frame that this was how I the image would end up looking.

This vintage technique is actually really easy to apply. Too easy, perhaps.

Long-time readers may be aware that I use software called Aperture to do my personal photo editing. Aperture 3 - the most recent incarnation - has a fair few "presets" that automatically apply a certain look to an image. I spent an hour or so playing with them during the paparazzi shoot with Taylor Mahoney. In doing so, I created a custom preset that combines a few of Aperture's settings with some of my own flair. The result is a sharp, vintage/cross-process look that I'm beginning to fall in love with.

More examples from recent shoots:

I think I'm going to have a tough time avoiding overuse of this particular style. At the same time - I *really* like the way it looks, especially when combined with the material I've been photographing recently.

Spring break starts for me on Thursday, around noon. I'm going to be running around like crazy getting things ready for thevisualCollective trip to Willow Beach, Death Valley, and perhaps Mono Lake!