Monday, September 14, 2009

A real environmental portrait

The idea for this shoot popped into my head yesterday. I have a couple buddies who are interested in joining the armed forces in some manner. Mick here, is a would-be Marine.
I dropped him a quick message saying something like "How would you feel about donning full camo, painting your face, and laying on the ground with a knife in your teeth?" His response was "Yes please!"
So we headed once again to Michaels, this time to grab some face paint. Then we hiked into the forest above my casa to make some photos.

The setup is fairly simple: Sunlight + gobo'd SB600 is all the lighting. I dropped the ambient by 2/3 stop ish to get the greens a little darker. Lens is my cheap Tamron 70-300mm, which I used because it has a lens hood and my 80-200mm does not! I managed to avoid using photoshop for these, which is always a plus for me :-)

As is often the case, I'm not quite sure if I prefer them in color or in black and white. I'm very happy with the black and white results though; usually getting decent conversions is a pain with digital, but the "monochrome mixer" option in Aperture2 gives me great results with the ability to tweak things without opening photoshop.

That's all for now, folks!