Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One Light: Christie

I spent some solid time assisting my buddy Jenn last week. She's an awesome photographer and her focus this semester is sports portraits. Our model for the day, Christie, was a (really tall) NAU basketball player. She tore her ACL, as I understand it, and can no longer play - but we got some great photos of her nonetheless. Jenn used mainly a three and four light setup, so I decided to simplify my shoot and just use one light with a narrow grid. It came out just like I hoped.

We'd already been shooting for two hours or so and we were all getting tired. I asked her to close her eyes for a moment, snapped a couple frames, and went on my way. I think over the course of 30 minutes I maybe did 85 frames of 4 or 5 different poses.

It's definitely not a very flattering photograph, but my hope is that it conveys a feeling of peacefulness and loneliness.

My new camera gear will arrive today - according to UPS "Sometime between 8am and 7pm." Gee that's helpful.