Thursday, December 17, 2009

Photos from the St. Brigit Xmas Pageant


Well I finally got off my arse and shot a bit, this time at the St. Brigit Christmas Pageant.

A friend of mine, Judy Nieusma was there front and center with her Canon 5d MkII and a 24-70mm lens. She was rocking 4000 ISO and full color. Knowing that "angle" was covered, I decided to experiment (I know, such a surprise).

I put the camera in JPG, monochrome and I randomly picked a filter (this time, Orange). I put it at ISO 1600 which gave me shutter speeds from 1/50 to 1/320 at about f/2.2 with my fixed 50mm lens.

Then I did what I do best, and here are some of the results.

Not a whole bunch of post-processing to these either. Sharpening, cropping, contrast and exposure adjustments, vignette. Nothing really radical, but all very necessary.
These are just my top six, you can see the rest of my top 20 on my Flickr page.

I'll make a couple CDs for the church which I'm hoping the parents will just eat up. The pageant was an absolute blast. It was written by Susie Manica who goes to the church and directs music (and apparently writes musicals). She's a lot of fun, full of energy, and an absolute thrill to be around. I plan on doing her portrait one of these days, though she doesn't know that yet.

Coming up tomorrow: still life!

Have a great Thursday! Take a picture, at least one picture, today. You know you want to.