Monday, December 7, 2009

book: Underdog

Hello there!

Last night (well, technically early this morning) I finished up a 20-page book that I've been working on in my spare time.

It is a collaboration between myself and aspiring writer/poet Leah Markman, who writes really fun poetry in her spare time.

She wrote a poem that I ended up reading. I really liked it, so I asked her to write a few more so I could put them in a book with some of my photos. The photos are all landscapes that I've done in the last two years.

With any luck, this will become a yearly tradition. I made two books last year, one for a photo class and one for my parents anniversary gift, and I made one a couple years back just for fun. They're moderately expensive books, ($40 each) but it lets me keep a hardcopy of some of my best photos, and I can sit down and go through the evolution of my photography. And they make great gifts :-)

Aaaanyway, enough of my rambling.

Hit up
for the electronic version of the book. It's a BUNCH smaller than the original, so the big panoramic photos may be a bit blurry. I couldn't find a happy medium between the 35mb original file and the 350kb preview file.