Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More on Google : Reader and Chrome

This post is all me b*tching and moaning about products that I get for free that don't work the way I think they should. If you're looking for anything other than my problems with Google Reader and Chrome, feel free to move along. I won't be offended.

First, my ongoing issues with finding an RSS reader I like.

Because my most recent RSS acquisition syncs with my Google reader account, it too shows me that I have 60+ unread posts by Ken Rockwell. As such, it is useless to me and I've taken to using the Google reader webpage mainly because I'm familiar with it.

Regardless of which method I use to unsubscribe from these feeds, I can't get out. I've done it like you see above a zillion times. I've gone into Settings | Subscriptions and tried to delete it from there. Invariably it goes away until I close the window. I don't even have to log out, I just close the window and re-open the page, at which point it assumes I've changed my mind and I really would like to read 62 posts from Ken Rockwell.

Several other people have had this issue as well, so my hope is that Google with get around to it eventually.

Now, onto Chrome. Google's browser is far-and-away the fastest I've ever used. I mean it. Its FAST. I admit though, I am less than pleased with a few aspects of its performance.
For instance: I hate tabs. I open everything in new windows and I go from window to window with Command + Tilda, or using a power corner dedicated to showing all windows. Chrome seems to be a tab-based browser, so it opens new windows in new TABS, which means I have to click and drag them to a new window (which is very easy, and just like how Photoshop CS4 works). Still, its another step that I don't like.

Another thing that I just don't understand: it doesn't open a home page. Ever. I have it set to hit my gmail account as my home page, but instead I get this

Which means I then have to click "google" and then "gmail" to get to my mail.

I know, its still in Beta. But the whole idea behind a beta is people test it and figure out what they would like to change. Now Google knows what I think should change.

I'm going to be out doing errands today. Finally going to drop off my 3200 ISO film, going to buy a new card reader, and might do a little christmas shopping.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!