Sunday, December 20, 2009


- There are no spoilers in this post -

We're going to take a journey away from still photography for a moment, and discuss the new movie Avatar.

It was released in a myriad of formats from the traditional movie, to 3-D to IMAX 3-D and it cost an obscene amount of money ($230 million) to make. I went in thinking: "if it cost that much, it better be pretty good!"

It is WAY more than good.

The Computer Generated Imaging is unlike anything ever done before. It puts Transformers 2 to shame, and that was pretty good CGI.

The acting, the characters, the emotional connections that I made with the characters were all head-and-shoulders above any other movie. I literally wanted to cry when it ended - not because the ending was sad, but because it raised the bar in every single way that no movie will be able to compete for a long time.

I measure movies not by the stories they tell (because let's face it, they've all been told) but by how well they tell it. How well they engage me and pull me in. My previous all-time-favorite movie was The Lion King. It's a classic story with themes you just can't beat. It tells the story well and the music always moves me like only like Lion King music can....

... But it tell you what. Avatar tops it in every way.

I'm going to get repetitive if I keep writing, so let me conclude by saying that it is hands down the best movie I have ever seen and I recommend that you see it regardless of your age or profession. Anyone can appreciate this movie.