Friday, July 17, 2009

Something Useful...

I have a bag fetish.

Not like the man-purse sort of bag.

But the kind of bag that carries around my (large amounts of) photography gear.

I've been settled (very happily) into my LowePro CompuTrekker AW for the last year and I have absolutely NO intention of changing that.

What I do intend to change is how I transport my 2 tungsten floodlights and spotlight, and keep them safe from harm. The commercially-available solutions are expensive. I'm sure they're expensive for a reason, most likely that they will keep my lights safe from whatever I throw at them.... (Pelican cases being "indestructible") but I don't expect to put these lights into much of harm's way. I want to be able to pack them up, roll them to a location, unpack them and plug them in. I don't have any need to throw them off my roof into a truck and from the truck into a river 50' deep. My current thoughts are fixed on taking a piece of rolling luggage and filling it with foam of some kind. Hopefully I can get this done before my photoshoot this-coming Monday, at which time I will need to transport my lights as well as power them.

I figured out one of those issues today: power.
I have a battery charger for my En-EL3 batteries that go in my camera.
I have 2 chargers for my copious amounts of AA batteries that run my camera and/or flash
I will soon have a charger for my En-EL4 batteries.
I have a charger for my weirdo C123 batteries that I use in my N80 camera and that go in the wireless remote for my D300.
Lots of chargers and lots of things that require power.
Previously, they have been strewn about my room in a haphazard sort of way, plugged into wherever they will fit.

Now:I have my no-name hard-case with a total of 12 electrical outlets. I have room for another power strip if I need it. This way all my battery and power-related things live in the same place. This way, I turn on one switch, and everything charges at once. This way, I can close the lid while everything charges and the lights don't shine all over the place! AND, I now have up to 12 outlets for when I'm working on location and need to power some lights (as I lack big powerful strobes).

Tomorrow I'll be taking part in the World Wide Photo Walk. My particular walk will be through Downtown Estes Park. It has been a while since I've been up there, so I think I'll be having a lot of fun :-)