Thursday, July 2, 2009

Safari 4: I can't take it!

Ok. I finally got fed up with Safari 4.
It works great, except for when I need it to view websites that do anything interesting.

For instance, on the website for Mike's Camera, when I order images that need to be cropped before they are printed, Mike's gives me three options. 1) auto crop 2) fill sides with white space and 3) manual crop.
Of course, the only option that I am going to pick here is #3... but in Safari, the option simply isn't shown.

Here and there Safari just doesn't display things. It doesn't tell me that something was omitted, it doesn't tell me there was an error... it just doesn't display it. Not ok!

I am currently downloading Firefox 3.5 and I will probably try out Google's Chrome Nightly just to see the comparison.