Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Path to Publication

So, I was sadly NOT published last week. Such a shame but not unexpected. 
I looked through the paper last night and we ran 36 stories... with 13 photos and several series of full and half-page ads. That's 1 picture for every 2.76 stories and the ads are taking up all the photo space. NO bueno, but that's journalism for ya.

I have been in contact with a jewelry company (that my friend's family runs) called You and I Design that sells Australian jewelry. I will be doing a shoot for them to show off their products sometime in the next two weeks, whenever I receive the bling that is being mailed to me. I am excited to do this shoot, mainly because I have never had the opportunity to do fashion/jewelry.

Blogs of note: I spent a little time yesterday reading some of the "Blogs of Note" on blogspot.com and as you would expect, most of them are pretty good. I really enjoyed reading them and suggest you check them out.

Video: Go to YouTube and search for "Did you know 3" and watch it. It is nine minutes, 30 seconds long and it will blow your mind! 

That's all for now folks!