Monday, September 15, 2008

Case of the Mondays.

Nothing much new here, I survived Thursday to start another week. 
The alcohol shoot I did last week was a no-go, so I re-shot it yesterday and I do not expect that to run either. I do expect my football shoot from early last week to run (mini update: my sb600 is working again after a few changes of batteries). Thursday I am shooting the Flagstaff Symphony, and I expect that to run as well.

I dropped an email on NAU's PLAID magazine to see if they are looking for a photographer. If they want me and can pay, there is a distinct possibility of me switching or working for both publications.

I am running a little massage business up here, charging 33 cents per minute for massages and doing pretty well so far. $3 for 9-10 minutes is cheap enough that even broke college students crumble and pay it, especially for my fantastic massages :-)

Not a lot going on this week, I will let you know when something interesting goes down.