Friday, August 27, 2010


It isn't often that I take a picture and I know immediately that I "got it." Much of the time I shoot and shoot and shoot the hell out of a subject without really knowing which frame I'm going to end up working on, or what the finished product will look like. 

The photograph below was not like that at all. I did maybe 15 frames of the cat in this pose, and knew immediately when I had the one that I was going to use. 

The first *click* got her looking at the camera. After that it was just a matter of composition and getting her in focus. Because I'm freaking blind, I really suck at manual focus. As such, I've taken to holding down the shutter and pulling back the focus from infinity. Worked great here!

This is precisely the photo I saw in my head. It's so rare that I get exactly the shot I envision - I guess it says something about how I'm learning to connect my vision, execution in camera, and post production. Photography is, after all, an exercise in continual learning.