Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I was one of three Lumberjack photographers last night at a tiny event (12 participants) held in the makeshift rec center.

It was a climbing competition on a ghetto climbing wall/trailer that is usually pulled behind a truck to outdoor events. Because I was one of three photogs, I knew I could afford to focus a little on more artsy stuff, while the other two were focusing mainly on getting published.

I had to go for the classic silhouette... because the background in this place was just hideous.
This particular photo was taken during the endurance competition - climb up and down the wall as many times as possible. This guy did it 11 times - not bad - and certainly more than I would have managed.

I'm going to be focusing on some more interesting/non-team sports this semester - Hopefully I can find an excuse to cover the climbing gym in downtown Flagstaff.