Thursday, February 12, 2009

Advertising screws me again!

I shot six, count them six assignments for this week's issue of The Lumberjack. That is half of the stories. I was everywhere, all week long busting my ass to get photos. This week, in an 18 or so page paper, we ran FIVE photos total! What the hell?! I know at least ten stories made it in, so where are the extra five photos? Screwed, by need for advertising space. Apparently we are SO desperate for money that we can't even run pictures.
I am pissed. Why bother, wasting eight hours of my life if I only get paid for one or two?
Last night at 11:00, I got a call from my editor saying he wants a new cutline for one of my images from the Slightly Stoopid concert. I sent it to him 20 minutes after we talked, and they didn't even put the image on the website (we run much more stuff on the website than in print).

If I got paid based on what I shot, rather than what ran, I wouldn't care. Of course, then we'd need even more space for advertising and there would be even fewer shots in the paper!