Thursday, June 21, 2012

Portrait Day: Back to Basics

I was lucky enough to spend a couple hours in studio204 today with some willing subjects.

No rush, no BS, no clients or money on the line, just hanging out and making portraits.
The focus for the day was black and white, with departure from the million-light setups that were so common while I was at the studios at NAU. One light. One subject. Back to basics.

Sean went first.

As always, click to enlarge.

He's classy like that.

The lovely Lauren Hanssssssss - she's modeled before.

And then, without warning, my 5' softbox falls off the Einstein head and in the process, destroys the flashtube. Whoever designed the modifier mounting system for the Einstein should be shot. Repeatedly.

Anyway. We gave up on the strobe and went to CFLs when John showed up. He's got that sort of pissed-off-viking-rockstar-motherfucker look to him, so I tried to play off that.

And I guess he's got that creeper-in-the-corner look too... Cuz he pulls it off.