Monday, March 5, 2012

Photo Bunny

The world's most awesome-est lens technology ever.

I give you: the Photo Bunny

A collaboration between Vault Photography and Panic in Polkadots, the Photo Bunny allows the photographer to engage the subject in a non-threatening manner. The bunny makes photography fun, instead of scary. 

I took the PB out for a night on the town while I photographed the photo booth at Electric Kingdom. People loved it! You just can't say "no" to a bunny that cute - even if it means getting your picture taken and posted on the Internet so the whole world can revel in your drunkenness.

Extra points if your subject matter is also a pink animal

Can't say no to the bunny!

Bunny-peoples! With condoms!? 0_o

In fact, the only person who expressed anything other than genuine LOVE for the Photo Bunny was Taylor Mahoney, who called it "wrong" and "weird." I'm guessing he had a horrible life-experience with a bunny sometime in his repressed childhood memories.... 


Yours truly with the bunny...
Image courtesy of Taylor Mahoney Photography