Monday, May 24, 2010

Car ride back to Boulder

During my long road trips I keep my D300 + 18-55mm kit lens at hand.

Got some decent shots, considering I was rocking 75+ mph on the highway...

Both look a little HDR-ish, but they aren't. They each have just a few adjustments in post processing.

Whenever I establish a driving buddy, as in the case of this Ford Fusion, I make sure to photograph them. I enjoyed about an hour with an older Porsche 911 as well, unfortunatelyAlbuquerque from the highway doesn't exactly make for an inspiring background and I couldn't get a decent angle on the Porsche.

I finished off my first day of a real job today - 8 hours of paperwork, orientation and stuffing envelopes (I am the intern, after all).

More pictures to come *sometime* in the next few days... I just don't know when.