Monday, April 12, 2010

Lesson learned: more light!

My friends Birgit and Gina decided they wanted to volunteer for a photoshoot.
I made cookies, we got together and decided to do our own version of a rather classic poster. Perhaps you have seen it at your local Spencer's store.

What we got looks nothing like it. Not in a unique and fun way, but in a way that tells me I needed to have a different lens on, a legit bed, a much taller room, and MUCH more light.

Such as they are, they don't suck so terribly I won't look at them... but they are not quite what I had hoped.

I lit the whole series with one SB600 flash pushed through a sheet, held up by the two armchairs in the living room. It was a huge light source... but it was very one-sided. Another light/sheet setup on the other side would have been perfect... maybe with some on-axis fill for good measure.

Two more shoots to come - both rather dark/morbid.