Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cars: harder than I thought

My little brother had his car painted sometime in the last few months, and I finally got around to lugging out my gear and takin some photos of the awesome paint job (on a not-so-awesome Hyndai accent)

My best shot of the car. I used two floodlights on big (but unstable) stands to light the car.

Here we moved out into the street. Used the same two floodlights for the car, then one SB600 with a warm gel on the proud owner.
And after setting up all that gear, I (of course) had to get myself in front of the camera.

Overall, I found that lighting the car (even such a tiny car) was surprisingly difficult. If I had been smart I would have kept a little daylight around. I may end up doing another shoot with this car once it gets seat covers. In that case, I'll use all natural light and a location with a nice backdrop.