Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Classroom shoot 2

As promised, here's my first pass edit at the second shoot my digital workflow class did together.

First a look at Jess, our instructor, and the rather limited space we were working with. This is one of the main hallways in the Communications building. Lots of windows. Lots of reflections. The majority of the class is set up behind the 4x6' softbox, waiting their turn with Becca (I think that's her name...), our brave model.

The first thing I did was to shoot against the grain - pretty much everybody in my class photographed Becca from the same angle that Jess did. In this shot I am shooting from the same spot as the first photo, into the large softbox.

But, I had to have more than just that creepy shot. I added this angle at the very end to make sure I had something that looked a little more fashion/pretty instead of creepy/scary.

That's it for today. I have this class again tonight - I'm sure we'll all be going over our photos together. Spring Break starts for me on Thursday night!